WeChat Marketing

What is WeChat Official Account?  How to get FREE WeChat Official Account for Business? How to maximise your WeChat Marketing Promotion Campaign?


Cross Border Payment

Are you aware WeChat Pay & Alipay is available in Singapore?  How can the Chinese payment gateway benefit to our SMEs businesses?


Cloud WI-FI Data Analytics

You offer Internet access to the public will make your business more visible to potential customers nearby.  Do you offer Wi-Fi to your customers?


Marketing Automation System

We provide Social Media Marketing Training + sales lead generation & targeted traffic + Sales Lead Tracker Solution for SMEs business.  Effective Marketing Tool 2017!

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

Are you want more traffic + more leads = more sales for your current business?  We offer low cost, affordable & effective SMS Marketing Solution.


Upcoming Workshop & Seminar

We provide SME Seminar & Workshop on major Social Media Marketing & Digital Marketing. Checkout our upcoming event!