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Cross Border Payment

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As local businesses retail products via WeChat shops to Chinese consumers living in China, it is very important to ensure they get the money channeled back to the corporate bank account through legal means. With our Cross Border Payment Gateway solution, businesses are able to receive payment in their native currency SGD while Chinese consumers pay for the products/services in RMB.

Problems faced by Chinese Tourists:

  • Lead to limiting their spending whiles overseas
  • Unable to estimate amount of foreign currency
  • Insufficient foreign currency during shopping
  • Unknown foreign currency rates
  • Hassle of finding money changer


Solutions for Chinese Tourists

We provide a unified payment platform real-time reconciliation, allowing Business Owner to run real-time sales information, real-time transaction report file to download, save time and convenience.

It is a cashless, safe, fast & secure payment anywhere & anytime.  Make your customer’s payment easy & fast!!

Customer will make payment in RMB! While our Business Owner will received the payment in SGD (within week).

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