SGQR Deployment

What is SGQR?

SGQR is a single QR code that combines multiple e-payment solutions into one. It is intended to simplify QR e-payments in Singapore for both consumers and merchants. SGQR is not a separate payment scheme or payment app.

Currently, consumers may see multiple QR codes at merchant stores promoting various e-payment
solutions. This can be confusing for consumers who have to manually find if their preferred e-payment option is accepted. Merchants are also impacted by the aesthetic and logistics constraints of supporting multiple QR codes on their limited display and retail space.

With SGQR, consumers will see a single SGQR label that shows all QR payment options that the merchant accepts. For merchants, SGQR will be an infrastructure-light and cheaper way to accept multiple types of e-payments.

And SME Marketing Solutions is the appointed Official SGQR Central Printing & Deployment of SGQR Solution:

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