The MiniChat

Cloud-based marketing platform for WhatsApp! It supports WhatsApp Newsletter & Automates communication through WhatsApp Chatbot & Bulk Messaging.

Are you looking for an effective way to reach out to your customers and prospects on WhatsApp? Look no further than Minichat Solution, the premier WhatsApp marketing tool for businesses of all sizes.

Our platform allows you to easily send bulk messages to your entire contact list or personalize your outreach with individualized messages. This means you can reach out to your customers and prospects in a more targeted and effective way, increasing the chances of conversion and building stronger relationships with your audience.

But Minichat Solution doesn’t just stop at messaging – we also offer a powerful chatbot automation feature that allows you to set up automated responses to frequently asked questions, freeing up your time to focus on other important tasks. This means you can provide excellent customer service without having to constantly monitor your messages.

In addition, our platform includes call-to-action buttons that allow you to drive conversions and sales by including links to your website or other landing pages in your messages. This means you can easily direct your audience to take the next step in their customer journey, whether it be making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter.

Don’t miss out on the power of WhatsApp marketing – try Minichat Solution today and see the difference it can make for your business. Our platform is easy to use and comes with excellent customer support, so you can get started right away. Upgrade your marketing efforts with Minichat Solution and start reaching out to your audience in a more effective and personalized way.

A Simple, Smart & Proven way to boost your sales:

✅ Send Bulk WhatsApp Messages
✅ Personalize & Customize Your Messages
✅ No Charges for Outgoing Messages
✅ Auto-Reply Messages 
✅ Chatbot Automation 
✅ WhatsApp Campaign 
✅ Call-to-Action Button 
✅ Scheduling Broadcast 
✅ Multiple Accounts 
✅ Broadcast Contact NOT in Address Book
✅ Cloud-Based Solution 
✅ Support Mac & Windows OS 
✅ Support WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Business 
✅ Live Chat Support 

Do you know?

Now you can broadcast messages to those who don’t have your business number saved. Create a WhatsApp campaign broadcast list of up to 1000 people a day and start sending them WhatsApp messages to boost your sales.
  • Promotion Campaign
  • Company Announcement
  • Festival Greeting

This solution is suitable for: 

  • Business Owners, Marketers, and Sales Associates.
  • Sales & Marketing Professionals, Business Owners, and anyone interested in cost-effective marketing tools and techniques to create awareness for your brand, improve customer engagement and experience, and increase sales revenue.
Suitable Industry:
  • Retail, Restaurant & Food, Beauty & Wellness, Hospitality, Education, eCommerce, Fintech, Healthcare, MICE, Real Estate, Travel, Startup, Human Resources, Trade, Automotive and Insurance Industries & more………