What should SMEs do due to Covid-19 Virus?

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Isolated Economic Banner

Due to the COVID-19 virus, many of the Supply-Chain, SME Businesses, and Financial Industries are badly hit across the region.

The world has changed before many SME business wakes up!

This is a wake-up call for the SME Business on the importance of Digital Transformation!

SME Business – Wait to die or to go broke due to the COVID-19 virus!

Many businesses don’t have a choice but start moving to online and change the way they used to work in the past:

New Isolated Economic:

• Work from Home

• Buy & Sell from Online Stores

• Video Conferencing Meeting

• Live Streaming to Engaged with Your Existing & New Customer

• Effective Online Marketing Tools


How we’re able to assist you:

• Talents Live Streaming across the Popular Media & Platform

• Kickstart your Multi-channel Online eCommerce with SME Grant Support

• Upskill & Deepen Your Online Knowledge & Skill


Start moving now before your competitor is ahead of you!


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 • 在家工作

 • 网上商店买卖

 • 视频会议

 • 在各大直播平台与现有和新客户互动

 • 有效的在线营销工具



 • 跨流行媒体和平台的直播人才

 • 通过新加坡中小企业政府津贴启动您的多渠道在线电子商务

 • 提升并加深您对在线知识和技能



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