CRM Solution for SME

Every Business Is Unique. And so should Your CRM & Loyalty Program.

Multiple campaigns on a single platform. Design, customize and deploy in under 20 minutes.

SME owners need to ask themselves these top 3 questions:

  1. Are you sending birthday messages and vouchers to your customers via mobile messages?

  2. Are you able to broadcast new products/services to your customer via mobile messages?

  3. Are you able to increase new customers/members by 50% within 3 months?

Are You Facing These Common Issues with Your Business?

  • Lack of understanding your customers

  • Increasing competition

  • Lack of data-driven decisions

  • Difficulties in collecting customer data

  • No way to engage customer effectively

  • No way to track marketing dollars

Start your CRM, Loyalty Rewards + Engagement with SME Grant Support 80% Now!

Features of the CRM + Loyalty Rewards

Sales CRM for SME
(Simple, yet a powerful CRM)

Unveil the power of simplicity through Sales Cloud CRM and experience the smartness in growing your customer relationships.

With Sales CRM, you do not need to manage your sales data in multiple excel sheets, phone messages, or emails.  The CRM gives you a single platform from where you can manage your sales and customers.

Sales CRM is a simple, yet incredibly strong CRM that comes with the following features:

  • Lead Management – Tracking and managing your sales leads.
  • Lead Capturing – Capture leads from your website or social media and auto-assign them to your sales team.
  • Sales Management – Manage all your Business Opportunities from a single platform.  Connect your email/calendar/social accounts.
  • Sales Forecasting – Accurately forecast your monthly/quarterly sales.
  • Customer Management – Maintain your entire customer data – notes, email conversations, activities have done, etc.
  • Campaign Management – Run data-driven marketing campaigns to generate new leads or engage with existing customers.
  • Team Management – Track and collaborate with your sales & marketing team.
  • Security Management – Securely grant access to your users and control your data and prevent data slippage.
  • Activity Management – Create and assign Tasks, Track meeting schedules in Calendar, real-time activity stream.
  • Customization – Create custom fields, custom pipelines,  custom views, custom values and custom form.