WeChat Marketing for SMEs

SME Marketing is a holistic solution provider for WeChat Marketing.  Some of the key solutions the company provide is WeChat Content Package, CRM solution, training and promotions. We helps businesses that do not have software development experiences to build m-commerce platforms on WeChat at lower costs. It also provides CRM and traffic analytic tools, allowing clients to optimize promotion procedure and improve marketing performance for your business.







WeChat Marketing is constantly evolving. Let SMEMarketing experts will help you refine your sales strategy and ensure you’re getting the best results your business needs to compete and thrive in today’s digital world.

8-Simple Steps for your WeChat Marketing

Our Services

  • Application & Verification of WeChat Official Account
  • Account Set-up & Management
  • WeChat eCommerce Platform
  • Cross-Border Payment (WeChat Pay)
  • WeChat Content Management & Creation
  • WeChat O2O Marketing Promotion Campaign
  • WeChat Advertising Platform
  • WeChat Mini Programs
  • WeChat Training & Workshop
  • WeChat Mentoring Programme
  • Translation & Other WeChat Value Added Services
    • iBeacon Solution
    • WeChat Wi-Fi Solution
    • WeChat Photo Kiosk
    • Copy Writing
    • Content Management
    • Creative Design & Artwork
    • Video Editing
    • Analytics Reports
    • Local Technical Support Team

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